Crane World
written and directed by pablo trapero
starring luis margani, adriana aizemberg, daniel valenzuela

This film is a real mess. It's disjointed, uncertain in its development of character and no great shakes when you get down to such pressing issues as "What is the future of cinema?" and the like. Still, I liked it. It had a messy nobility to it, an honest portrayal of family and work which was neither exaggerated in its grittiness or idealized in its goofball splendour. People fight, drift and make the best of a thoroughly mediocre situation. It's a wryly humorous film, a non-effort of observational humour where "jokes" just slide by with no aftertaste whatsoever. I know that sounds fairly unimpressive, but after a lot of films that dealt primarily in hopelessly rehearsed "spontaneous" moments of life (Shower, New Waterford Girl) I appreciated being trusted with my own marginal impressions. Where a film like Shower is nothing but stupified dribblings of life and cliched wonder, Crane World is rude and unmanageable, unforced and shapeless but still oddly compelling. A lot of films at the festival seemed overly self-conscious, but Crane World was a little tipsy and all the more enjoyable for it.

Adam Rivett
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