The 1999 French Film Festival

They sold out last year and they had us sitting in the aisles this time round. Screening over seven days at the new Norton St. Cinemas in Leichardt, and the Como in Melbourne, FFF99 was bigger and better, and they brought the stars with them. Toto hit the Hilton and tracked down two of the players so you could get down, get in, get on with it, even if you weren't there.

Natacha Regnier won joint best actress at Cannes, for her performance with Elodie Bouchez in the Dreamlife of Angels.

Benoit Magimel is a rising talent, appeared in La Haine and is here promoting his latest film Une Minute de Silence.

Also on show was Claude Chabrol's new film Au Coeur du Mensonge (the colour of lies) and Isabelle Huppert in L'Ecole de la Chair (the school of flesh). Toto brings the turkey - you bring the bacon!

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