peteg's blog - hacking - 2006 01 12 Xorg

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I've been meaning to get a new X-server for a long time now, as the one I have is bug ridden. I thought I'd managed to upgrade it in the past, as the build process for these servers continues after fatal errors... and restarting with make World kicks off a big clean, which makes this behaviour both misleading and somewhat useless to non-hardcore hackers.

The short story is that at this point in time R6.9.0 does not readily compile on Mac OS X 10.4 (using GCC 4.0), but R6.8.2 does after you do some fiddling. Most of the trick is to replace the files that fail to compile with their updated selves in a R6.9.0 tree, and the rest is a small tweak to darwinKeyboard.c. Here's a patch that does it for you. Apply it with:

patch -p1 < patch-Xorg-R6.8.2-OSX-10.4.3-GCC-4.0.1

in your <build-dir>/xc/ directory.

Thanks to Torrey Lyons for the pointers.