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Trees Lounge (1996)

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A pointer from Alan Rickman's diaries: "Steve Buscemi’s beautiful film. Complete rethink on the being-in-it-and-directing question, although it has such a central quietness you forget anybody is acting or directing something. V inspiring."

Roughly Buscemi seems to have called up his mates to perform in his (written, directed, starred in) production, with a result that reminded me at times of Hal Hartley's Long Island movies (without the music). There's addiction, drinking, arrested development, a downward spiral. So nothing we haven't seen before, but well constructed. Chloë Sevigny steals a few scenes. Imagine losing your lady to Anthony LaPaglia!

Roger Ebert: three-and-a-half stars at the time (based on direct experience I expect). Stephen Holden.