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The Opposite of Sex
Amusing and annoying film spans the ever muddier delta where mainstream and indie meet.

Out of Sight
Freeze frames, narrative crossovers, and the beautiful hips of Jennifer Lopez.

Russia, 1998, 95 mins, Russian title: Okraina
The film kicked off, and the State Theatre instantly resembled the desolate steppes of Russia - three tiered class division and all.

Or how to make a film about fractals, fibonachi, pure maths, hasidic numerology and corporate conspiracy on $60,000 and a love of learning.

Plunkett and Macleane
"They rob the rich...and that's it." This isn't playful irony with a complex undertow or deserving target. This is pure cynicism.

A superficial and Sydney-centric retelling of an excellent novel - the film-makers attempts to evoke Brisbane are fraught with Sydney-based conceptions of Brisbane and Queensland as backward and 'other'.

The only way to repeat what is so very Hitchcock about Hitchcock is to repeat Hitchcock. To reflect Hitchcock's cameo in a store window, but to insert the name Gus van Sant at the appropriate position in Saul Bass' famous crisscrossing lines.

The Rage
High Risk Championship Wrestling and high school horror schlock do not go down well, says Sebastian.

Random Hearts
"What time is it?"

The most woeful film in a long while, courtesy of the makers of Highlander.

Run Lola Run
Austria 1998 80 min
Highly involving video-game structure stirs many a jaded filmbuff to guilt for being so easily seduced by a red head running around in a blue singlet. But whether you spectate or play is up to you. (alternative review available)

Saving Private Ryan
Spielberg turns on the fireworks and waterworks, and it's up to Toto to pick up the pieces...

USA, 1996, 99mins, written/directed/shot by Steven Soderbergh
The most honestly funny director's project since Godard directed cars

Scream 3
There is nothing exceptional about this film, but if you liked Scream then this is in the same vein.

Set Me Free
Canada/France/Switzerland, 1998, 95mins, French title: Emporte-Moi
See you at the video store folks.

She's All That
This is the nineties, where hairspray is the mortal enemy of truth, justice and the American teenage movie, where beauty doesn't matter because the world is, like, totally gorgeous.

She's So Lovely
Nick Cassavetes homage to his famous father shows how lovely and imperfect, an imperfect love can be.

The Shoe
Latvia/Germany, 1998, 83 min., color, Latvian w/ English subtitles
A technical masterpiece of the cinema of inactivity - this film revels in its provincial beauty and simplicity, creating many points of entry without being too obscure. Highly recommended.

Shooting Fish
Mediocrity beyond redemption. Disney dressed up as Britpop.

The Sixth Sense
Reviewing this movie is like critiquing the frame of a Goya or the liner notes to a Bowie album.(alternative review available)

Sleepy Hollow
"Deserves only the encore of shuffling feet as they leave through the exit" (huan-tzin goh) or "Worth the price of admission just to see Christopher Walken enjoying himself" (sebastian niemand)?

Sliding Doors
A love story that any adolescent could write.

Snake Eyes
Movie manna on a stick, tasty tid-bits from Mr De Palma. Dive In.

Snow Falling on Cedars
It's not often you can say the film adaptation is better than the book...

South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut
Staunchly tasteless, with energy, conviction and wit.

Japan 90 mins 1998 animation
Although Spriggan has been worked on by key personnel from Akira, Memories and Ghost in the Shell, it is probably the worst out of the lot.

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
If the coffee smells nutty, don't drink it.

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace
It's taken adam a few days to finally write this drop in the ocean, and the cause of this struggle can be seen as one between a Star Wars fan and a objective, level-headed film student. Can the two ever play in the same sandbox?

 Stella Does Tricks
Post-Trainspotting, Kelly MacDonald takes sex to the grim and gritty streets of Glasgow.

Catholocism and cinematography meet in bloody confrontation.

 The Sweet Hereafter
Who's to blame for the loss of the everyday? Canadian Atom Egoyan (Exotica) delves into trauma of childloss and the rupture of a community with stunning results.

The Tango Lesson
Twelve chapters of beautiful choreography... or is it absurdist salad making?

10 Things I Hate About You
Why is everyone so hot for this girl?

The Thin Red Line
A truly great film which needs to be left alone for awhile. Such desolation and rumination could maybe open our eyes to a greater hope, a prayer leading to a general song.

Three Kings
Shot by shot, a skillful and intelligent war-film.

Three Seasons
A film that wants to reflect different views of modern Vietnam without preaching. It wants to offer hope, but makes no guarantees.

Toy Story 2
Beautifully made, lovingly detailed and animated with great skill and wonder. (two reviews available)

The Truman Show
Enjoyable family viewing that won't offend anyone. Perhaps that's where Weir went wrong.

Velvet Goldmine
Loud body-hugging costumes, glitter makeup and glam rock - too much affect and not enough effect.


West Beirut
France/Lebanon, 105mins, 1998, Orig. title: West Beyrouth
An unusual coming of age tale with a different perspective of war, told with humour and youthful spirit.

When the Cat's Away
The editor's favourite film of 1997.

The Winslow Boy
A round of delicate golf clapping. Hey, you two in the back...get a room, eh?

Welcome to Woop Woop
Don't believe the mainstream press: this is not as unfunny, tasteless, or as generally bad as they make it out to be.

The World Is Not Enough
The law of diminishing returns seems to be in full swing with this latest Bond outing.

Year of the Horse
For Young-Horse punters not Jarmusch backers.

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