The 2000 Sydney Film Festival

Crane World
Crane World is rude and unmanageable, unforced and shapeless but still oddly compelling

Soldiers describe their feelings towards their work and their sense of mission through a song of their choice, often one that they played during conflict to help them cope.

A Room For Romeo Brass
Whatever this film is, it's a resolute and frustrating mish-mash, but what the hell, let's invite it in and see what it's got to say...

Berlin - Cinema
Musings on a review...

The Filth and the Fury
A powerful and often surprising documentary about the notorious Sex Pistols.

New Waterford Girl
"To be clear: this one ain't worth a damn kiddies." (Rivett)

A world bleeding at the edges, a semi-surreal childhood state of non-sequitur and random cruelty

Mr. Death: The Rise and Fall of Fred A. Leutcher Jr.
A documentary about Leutcher, who accepts a research mission to the gas chambers of Auschwitz, leading to his hypothesis that the Holocaust never occurred. "There is a emptiness at the core of the film which is disturbing, an absence that can leave you wanting more on first viewing". (Rivett)

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