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High Fidelity
"It has it's moments, at it's core its kinda good, but ultimately, it's so cheesy that no self respecting gen x music connoisseur could possibly have it on their "top five all time favourites" list." (Jary)

The Virgin Suicides
The Virgin Suicides is a romantic elegy- to youth itself

The problem with films that hinge on a technical device is that reviewers inevitably focus on the device and ignore the substance of the film.

Romeo Must Die
Not quite Shakespeare, not much of anything.

The Omega Code
Overplays the Christian aspect.

A new Australian film detailing a few days and nights in the lives of a handful of young Sydneysiders.

The Adventure of Rocky and Bullwinkle
A sense that it could all be a little better, that it would only take a little bit of love and attention to turn shit to gold.

The Road Home
Speaks of the sadness of time - the poignant impossibility of holding onto love and loved ones, and the fleeting beauty of youth.

Fear me Ralph Fiennes! Play another tortured lover and you will come into painful contact with the velveteen touch of my glove.

East is East
Lacks that essence or indefinable spirit that we're all chasing in every movie.

Keeping the Faith
Movies like this are just bad radio, but when you're stuck in the cinema with a broken knob then you better pray something good comes on pretty damn soon.

The Cup
Why isn't there a professional wrestler that is a monk or a priest?

Man on the Moon
Details Kaufman's madness and methods without giving us any challenges. 

Erin Brockovich
An intelligent film whose female protagonist is in every scene.


A movie composed of transecting parallelograms and lines meeting each other in skewed perspective. (Huan Tzin Goh)

Postcoitally humid and smelling of dog crap. (Huan Tzin Goh)


A story of one man's inability to connect (Rino Brebaart)

Stewart Little
Kids have been getting some of the best films lately... (Another review available by Huan-Tzin Goh.)

Office Killer
Pretty but superficial scene arrangements.

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