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Added High Fidelity Review by Marta Jary

Added more movies to the Sydney Film Festival page, among them Mr Death, Crazy, Ratcatcher as well as Crane World.

The 2000 Sydney Film Festival is now up, with more reviews to come.

Added The Virgin Suicides review by Spence Lee as well as updated address for contribution in Toto's about us page.

Added Timecode and L'ennui by Rino Brebaart

Added The Adventure of Rocky and Bullwinkle by Adam Rivett.

Added The Omega Code and Romeo Must Die by Huan Tzin Goh, The Road Home by Eugene Chew,as well asAngst by Adam Rivett.

Added another review of Erin Brockovich by Huan Tzin Goh.

Added Onegin,East is East and Keeping the Faith byAdam Rivett, The Cup by Sebastian Niemand and Man on the Moon by Huan Tzin Goh.

Added another Stuart Little review by Huan-Tzin Goh, and Erin Brockovich review by Felicity Blake.

Added Stuart Little by Adam Rivett, Scream 3 by Sebastian Niemand, Office Killer and L'Ennui by Huan-tzin Goh.

Added All About My Mother and Cut review by Sebastian Niemand
as well as another Cut review by Adam Rivett.

Added American Beauty review by Huan-Tzin Goh and Mystery, Alaska review by Adam Rivett.

Added Guinevere review by Adam Rivett and Human Traffic review by Natalia Laban.

Added Dogma review by Sebastian Niemand; American Beauty review, by Adam Rivett; and a lively transcript of our post-screening argument over Luc Besson's new film Joan of Arc.

Added pictures to The Insider, by Adam Rivett; Holy Smoke and Stigmata by Huan-Tzin Goh.

Added a review of The Insider, by Adam Rivett.

Updated Star Wars: the Phantom Menace review, by Adam Rivett; and Sleepy Hollow review, by Huan-Tzin Goh

Introduced a kooky new colour scheme to celebrate the summer holidays. Click thru the index pages and be blinded by our midnight experiments with hexidecimal html code. We like it so much we're leaving it this way.

Added sneak preview review of Magnolia, Mystery Men and Three Kings by Adam Rivett

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