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An Economist visits South East Asia.

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Megan McArgle skillfully articulates some keen observations about the economic situation in Cambodia and Vietnam, and in particular how difficult it is to bridge the chasm of cultural norms.

Trung Nguyên, 1A Phạm Văn Hai, District Tân Bình.

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A large night-clubby kind of place, with big comfy couches and that special kind of dinginess, quite close to the airport. I went there with Loan after visiting the v-heart project.

v-heart, a workshop for people with Down Syndrome or Cerebral Palsy in Gò Vấp.

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Loan found out about this project from Yumiko-san of the spinal injury project at Cho Ray Hospital. In essence the participants are trained in the use of a loom that looks to my eye almost identical to this picture (that I nicked from Apple's already-excellent and now much-enhanced It's funded by a Japanese group.