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Matrix Revolutions

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With Andy, Kyle, Marcin, Harald and Markus Hörsalen, the lecture theatre in the basement of the current CS building. I don't know if there are equivalent facilities in the new building.

The deal was this: Kyle had acquired a copy of the movie on his laptop, so we spent quite a while figuring out how to hook it all up. In the end the flashy-looking sound system sounded terrible, so terrible that Harald, Markus and Steffen stayed for only part of it. Whatever the compression format was didn't handle the action scenes very well - the sample rate dropped noticeably. What we need is semantic compression: for example, the bit where Carrie-Anne Moss pretends to cark it could've been replaced by a silent-movie style "Trinity Dies from Multiple Machine Tentacle Punctures After Much Agonising Dialogue" sign.

Finding Nemo

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With Markus.

The People I Know

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With Markus. A recent Al Pacino effort which could've been decent if only the editing had been competent.