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Lord of War

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With Rob at the megaplex on George St. Not bad. A pastiche of Fight Club (and sundry others) narrative style and a Leaving Las Vegas-esque performance from Cage. Good to see Jared Leto again, last sighted by me in Requiem for a Dream so many years ago.


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At the Academy Twin with Sean, as part of the French Film Festival.

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I see that France has beaten England 31 to 6 in the Six Nations Rugby, in France. One must begin to think that France will win the (rather scrappy) competition this year, and is on track to thrash all comers at the next world cup.

I hear they're playing rugby in the Southern Hemisphere presently but there's no way I'm following that until it's cold enough for a blanket on the bed.

A History of Violence

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At the Verona. A tad predictable and unreal, seemed a bit (too) disjunctive, not quite sure what it wanted to be. A fleshing-out of the short. Viggo convinces as the wide-eyed Indiana (or Oregon) boy, less so as Mr Philadelphia (too wooden). The last half is pretty much paint-by-the-numbers. Somehow pretty good for all of that, but not a patch on the David Lynch movie it was trying to be. Directed by David Cronenberg.

Fight Club

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Match Point

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At the Academy Twin. Scarlett stole the show, as is increasingly her wont. Not helped by some clunky editing and touristic cinematography.

Per Olov Enquist: The Visit of the Royal Physician

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A gift from Cath in September 2005 (read in Feb/Mar 2006).