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Iain steered me towards this insta-short-attention-span-classic. Some of the rhetoric is a bit wantonly overblown, suffering from what one might loosely term Chomsky syndrome, the over-egging of the already-risen souffle. I deeply appreciated that she wired the people story in there, the mass wastage of human potential being one of the macro crimes I equivocate least over. Her concluding happy-happy-green-cycles was too limp to satisfy, and she has nothing constructive to say about the paradox of development in countries that lag the west.

You can download it from their website. Incongruously they will apparently exchange a DVD for money.

Project blah blah.

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I've been reading a lot of accessibility articles. Most are (at best) unscientific. If you can cope with the outmoded HTML advice, the best is Joe Clark's Building Accessible Websites. I feel his treatment of colour blindness is ... excessive, in a good way.

Finally someone has cooked up a good explanation of how to stuff Flash into a webpage, and why <embed> lurches forever onward. It has convinced me that if one decides to be evil and use Flash, one must necessarily also use JavaScript.

My goal of actually putting the XML part of XHTML to work by validating the comments and general content coming into HOPE with HaXml is mostly working, modulo some bugs here and there. Break it here: (soon to become the main DRD site, I hope.)