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Trung Nguyên, 1A Phạm Văn Hai, District Tân Bình.

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A large night-clubby kind of place, with big comfy couches and that special kind of dinginess, quite close to the airport. I went there with Loan after visiting the v-heart project.

An Economist visits South East Asia.

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Megan McArgle skillfully articulates some keen observations about the economic situation in Cambodia and Vietnam, and in particular how difficult it is to bridge the chasm of cultural norms.

v-heart, a workshop for people with Down Syndrome or Cerebral Palsy in Gò Vấp.

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Loan found out about this project from Yumiko-san of the spinal injury project at Cho Ray Hospital. In essence the participants are trained in the use of a loom that looks to my eye almost identical to this picture (that I nicked from Apple's already-excellent and now much-enhanced It's funded by a Japanese group.