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Censorship as reflex arc

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Seems I was too hasty last month in welcoming the slide of web censorship further down the crapper; the latest is that ACMA will fine you $11k a day for linking to black-listed sites. The scary bit was the turn-around time, between the plant, the complaint, and ACMA's response. One wonders just how routine this is going to become, especially while an increasingly erratic Fielding First remains in the senate.

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Mid-afternoon stand-around-in-the-surf at Maroubra. I hadn't been for a few years and was daunted by the fearsome reputation of both the surf and the locals. The problem for me was the sand drops off pretty quick, so halfway out to the breakers I couldn't tell how far out I should go, especially without my specs. I think the surf was quite tame but wasn't sure about rips and all that. Loads of surfers, some loafers but in no sense was the beach packed.