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Haskell server-side integration for FCKeditor.

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I am not a JavaScript hacker, so I have no clear idea how best to use FCKeditor. My embryonic Haskell library just spits out either a textarea or some JavaScript that creates an FCKeditor instance depending on how HTTP_USER_AGENT is set, though I can imagine someone wanting to do something fancier [*]. The POSTed data is validated against XHTML 1.0 Strict using HaXml, which seems to work well for the most part; for some reason FCKeditor uses the non-standard <embed> tag for Flash content, and I can't find a convincing reason why [**].

In the not-to-distant future I will implement the connector stuff, and Cabalise it.

[*] Apparently I still need to crank out an <iframe> to satisfy Internet Explorer, so we can either revert to XHTML 1.0 Transitional or generate some non-standard XHTML just for Internet Explorer. It's a tough call.

[**] It seems that recent versions of Internet Explorer (6 and 7), Mozilla-based browsers (Camino, FireFox) and Safari 3 are all happy with the <object> tag. Adobe has a "knowledge base" article full of non-reasons to use the <embed> tag. The great thing about web standards is we're all empiricists now...