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People like their webpages the way they like their streets.

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I went to visit Marc today, at the Prince of Wales Hospital, and we got around to talking about design. Roughly speaking, it seems to me that people tend to like their webpages the same way they like their streets. In Australia, and perhaps the West in general, we want order, clearly marked lanes, pedestrian crossings, accessibility in the form of kerb cuts and beeping and flashing attention-getting devices. The footpaths are clear of stalls and coffee merchants. Conversely Asia seems to prefer craziness, where finding things is difficult but what you do find is sometimes more valuable than what you set out for. As Marc observed, one uses fifty fonts to show that one is more prosperous than the guys who only used forty-nine, and damn that street food (mystery meat) is tasty.

I'm going to have to face up to the tension between Vietnamese website aesthetics and aspirations to accessibility rather soon.