peteg's blog - hacking - 2006 01 18 darcs

Isn't darcs great?

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I've put off trying out darcs for ages, indeed, longer than I've been putting off checking my stuff into a crusty old CVS repository. My main operations are diffing (to see if I've screwed things up more than I'm aware of) and finding that little bit of code from ten revisions back that hacked around that little problem that came back. pcl-cvs in XEmacs was good for the former, and I just dug around in the repository itself for the latter.

It seems there's a pcl-cvs-equivalent for darcs in the pipeline, and moreover is being actively hacked. Find the repo here, darcs'ed, of course.

Well, it works, and that's a good start. A Haskell program doing useful things? Unheard of!