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The Big Issue #269 (26 Dec 2006 - 16 Jan 2007): Summer Fiction Special

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This one is wall-to-wall short stories, some quite good:

  • Linda Jaivin: Jaklyn & Lucinda (subject-aware voyeurism).
  • Mark O'Flynn: Stealth: Fire, Explosions, Death, Catastrophe, Screaming, Crashing, Destruction. And that's a wrap. (Hollywood goes to the Megalong Valley).
  • Deborah Robertson: Seeking Jasmine ("I like sad girls.").
  • Cate Kennedy: Ashes (a ceremony at a lake).
  • Michel Faber: Adopt a Tiger (homelessness).
  • Emily Maguire: Dependence (internet dating).

For four bucks and a conversation it's a steal.