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The Departed

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I saw this about four years ago, around about when it was released. This is a bit of a Nicholson segue, from 1970 to 2006, and a Leonardo one too, I guess, from the lamentable In(c)eption. The plot is swiss cheese, and there are some things Affleck handled better in The Town, such as having ever-so-slightly more plausible female characters. Vera Farmiga has way too much to handle with the feeble Psych 101 bullshit she has to deal up. What was in the envelope? Leonardo's soul? Nicholson has a lot less fun here that he had elsewhere.

This is parked at #58 in IMDB's top-250 and some say it is Scorsese's best. Casino had better editing... but for all of that it does keep the tension up.