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West of Memphis

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Instead of going to bed early after a tiring day and week, I found myself heading over to Newtown to do dinner and a beer with Jacob at the Carlisle Castle before going to see this flick at the Dendy. Jacob's mate Andy turned up just before it started. It was dry on the way over, wet on the way back, and my helmet was damp the whole time from showers earlier in the day.

This one is a well-made doco about the West Memphis 3, a trio of young blokes who were convicted of murdering three boys in 1993, and their travails with the justice system of Arkansas. As presented here the original trial seems quite weird (Satanic cults?) but I guess it was the time of Waco and all that. What was really depressing was how vindictive the State was; quick to convict, and with a futile appeals process. I half-expected them to just give up on the State system and try it on with the Fed. Eddie Vedder gets a lot of screen time, as do the other celebrity activists.

These days of erratic showers make it a little challenging to predict how comfortable it will be to take Betty anywhere. The biggest problem with water inside the helmet is not the visor fogging up but my glasses. After midnight I'm less worried about my skills (even in the wet) than about drunks and impatients.