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The Grandmaster

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Master director Wong Kar Wai returns with his stars Tony Leung and Zhang Ziyi (and ...) for a biography of Kung Fu (Wing Chun) legend Ip Man. The cimeatography (by Philippe Le Sourd, not Christopher Doyle!) is as awesome as ever. Umebayashi Shigeru repeats his sterling efforts on the soundtrack.

There is something of Leone's Once Upon a Time in America in this, with the chopped-up timelines, stolen legacies, and most clearly the Morricone theme over tears in the rain. The opening scene is just like the Agent Smiths v Neo scene in one of the later Matrixes, but better, so much better. There is a great white-out scene towards the end with Zhang Ziyi. The film ends in mid-1950s Hong Kong and I hope he returns to the 1960s next time around.

Twitchfilm has more details. The review in the New York Times is gushier than I can be, as is their prospective.