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The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

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With Dave, at the Verona, 9pm session. Fairly packed which I guess might be usual on Friday nights. I thought I'd struggle to be sapient for the full 180 minutes, but it was as if they'd soaked some stimulants into the chairs.

Well, what can I say: I enjoyed it though it didn't amount to a hill of beans really. Presently #64 in the IMDB top-250. I think that's as high as it'll get as there's no timeless Gordon Gecko here and that Scorsese cites him says it all. I enjoyed Kyle Chandler's Duchovny/McLachlan Twin Peaks mashup; a great effort from him. Some scenes reminded me of a certain "world class" workplace. Leonardo DiCaprio clearly enjoyed himself immensely. I can't be sure the same is true of any of the women.

A. O. Scott reviewed it for the New York Times. Dana Stevens didn't really get into it, and nor did David Denby at the New Yorker. I agree with him about the two great scenes.