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Don't Worry Darling (2022)

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For Florence Pugh, who is again (maybe) having a moment. I hope the other stuff in the pipe is better than this dreck. To me (and I'm not the target demographic) this is about Chris Pine's creation of a Matrix for incels to inter their significant others in as 1950s housewives. Flo (being the leading lady, and, well, Flo) gets red pilled. See, it has all the tropes. A cool retro vibe in the desert, that's all there is.

Manohla Dargis: "a clever mash-up between Mad Men and Get Out." I missed the clever part(s). Peter Bradshaw: a "handsomely designed but hammily acted, laborious and derivative mystery chiller." Jake Wilson: "But if even being married to Harry Styles could be a trap, there are definitely things to worry about." Michael Sun at the ABC: "a twist so contrived even M Night Shyamalan would disapprove." Dana Stevens: it's just The Stepford Wives from 1975. (Others made the same observation; those who didn't I suspect were not in the target demographic. Is this therefore intended to be some kind of comfort food?) I agree that Chris Pine was squandered. She took it far more seriously (earnestly) than anyone else.