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Cosmos (1980)

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Highly rated TV on IMDB (#11). I enjoyed the space stuff the most as it was clearly closest to Carl Sagan's heart. He had what Americans would deem a healthy ego, and a delivery that is often hilarious. Things tended to fall away in the last quarter or half. At times I felt he was recycling Douglas Adams (e.g. interplanetary travel, alien life forms) and Martin Gardner (e.g. Flatland, attacking pseudo science), the latter of whom contradicts Sagan's bagging of Plato by observing that Einstein performed no experiments. (At times it's easy to see why Sagan's peers thought he was more show pony than scientist, canvassing other people's work without sufficient attribution.) There's a cracker 1970s synth soundtrack that forms the core of the musical accompaniment. The continuing robotic exploration of Mars is awesome.