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The To Do List (2013)

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I'm at the diminished returns of Aubrey Plaza completism, I know. This is a yet another post-American Pie (etc. etc.) teenage sex farce. The times are fast in that summer between the end of school and start of college in 1993, and Ms Plaza has a lot to learn. I did laugh a lot at the first move (Me So Horny over the opening credits, cutting to the school principal saying (approx) "thanks for the a cappella version of the national anthem") but unfortunately that's the funniest bit. The soundtrack is a bit cringey. Clark Gregg plays her father. Post-Kickass Christopher Mintz-Plasse mostly just makes up the numbers. There are grammar jokes, just like Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and some retro humour, like everything to do with Hillary Clinton.

Neil Genzlinger dug it.