peteg's blog - noise - music - 2009 09 05 SplinterOrchestra

The Splinter Orchestra at the ABC.

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Albert and Sandy joined me on a foray to the ABC at 10pm to be part of the small audience for this live broadcast on ABC Classic FM's New Music Up Late with Julian Day. I don't remember having been inside the ABC's Ultimo facility before this.

The Splinter Orchestra's schtick is mostly unstructured improv, unattractive to the masses and hence rarely heard on mainstream radio: something more likely to be on 2SER at two in the morning. I found the ambience quite restful, albeit slightly industrially claustrophobic at times. Chris Abrahams was mutely on the piano. The gig can be found somewhere in the ABC's sprawling website, best of luck finding it.

We headed to the Clare afterwards, which was within twenty minutes of closing.

Afterwards I found that the ABC has an entire website devoted to offbeat music.