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Angel Island Theatre: Our Bad Magnet

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Goldstar ticket: $12.50 + $4.00 service fee = $16.50. I was last at the Mary Arrchie for Hellish Half Life. The cold caught me out a bit on the walk up from Clybourn/Division; my old woollen jacket was just a tad too light. Lunch at Diwali, afternoon at the Lincoln Park branch of the Chicago Public Library, customary dinner at the Asian Mix Cafe. Some light rain too.

Well, that's three out of three for Layne Manzer. I enjoyed this once-upon-a-time-in-Girvan, Scotland lark, which is rife with cultural references that date each scene to the microsecond. The four blokes are gifted and mostly kept their accents on, slipping only when things got heated. Somewhat confusingly, this is a reheat of a 2008 production by more-or-less the same people: Lane Flores takes on the role of Giggles, while Dan Behrendt (Fraser), Layne Manzer (Paul) and John Wilson (Alan) reprise, and Carlo Lorenzo Garcia directed both.

Tony Adler's review at the Reader confused me; he makes it sound awesome but somehow does not recommend it. Tom Williams.