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The Plagiarists: these saints will burn at the Den Theatre.

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Goldstar ticket: $10.00 + $3.75 service fee = $13.75, 2015-04-08. I had to go to Filter Café as the Den Theatre's cafe was closed, presumably so they could work on the main stage. This was my first time in the Den's theatre 2A, which is relatively small by their standards. The draw was that Layne Manzer is a co-founder, now ex-member. Hmm. Well, this one wasn't for me. Too many references to God (in that constant refrain way), and the blended French only helped me zone out. I didn't know more about Joan of Arc than Leonard Cohen taught me, and this didn't help. The initial scenes promise some humour but by the time we get to the pointy end things are plodding along. The puppet crow (Tony Kaehny) was well done, the large ones standing in for the made-King and judge and whoever less so. Hugh Iglarsh surveys the wreckage.

I had dinner at Olive (a chain Mediterranean fast food place) on North afterwards as my usual kebab joint on the corner near the Den was packed with surly patrons.